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Camilla the Piaggio Apé

our ciao & tap

Camilla the Piaggio Apé was born in 1964 in Sicily, Italy. She was used for many years to haul logs up and down the mountains of Palermo and was retired in 2019. She was put on the market just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit but taken off shortly after due to the borders closing. In early 2022 she was shipped to Dallas, Texas and then to Albany, New York.

She may be small and mighty, but she fits perfectly in any venue. With the capability of keeping all beverages chilled after her fully-functional restoration, we are so excited to serve you at your next event.

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Piaggio Ape
Pepe the Brew-Cycle

our brew-cycle

Pepe, a cold box tricycle, is our newest addition. Pepe was purchased in May of 2022 from Portland, Oregon. He began his adventure at the local Guilderland farmers’ market serving cold brew and the occasional pop-up espresso bar. The cold brew is a meticulous, tasteful homemade blend created by Emilie and Jim. We also offer personalized, flavored espresso/cold brew, homemade almond milk, hot cocoa bars, and an ice cream bar.

Pepe is another small sized vending vehicle that allows guests at any sized venue to curve their cravings for something sweet and delicious with added caffeine to keep them running.

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