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about us

A Lifelong Friendship
That Continues to Grow

our mission

Our goal is simple. We hope to serve upstate New Yorkers with unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experiences when you need it the most – at your next event. We are small, have customizable offerings, and we can’t wait to party with you!

the humble beginnings

We are Emilie and Jim, the owners of Close Ties. With a friendship that started at the age of 12, we always seem to find ourselves chasing the same dream – starting a catering & event business.

We started a garden a few years back that just continued to grow. As our family and friends’ counters grew full of baskets from our hauls, we got into the farmers’ market scene to sell our goods and different blends of coffee.

It was December 2021 when we took the leap of catering events for our friends and family. We started with graduation parties and small dinners (corporate and private), which lead to friends of friends asking if we could host baby showers and bridal showers… and we just grew from there.

We are extremely blessed for our little community who proved to us that we are knowledgeable and gave us the confidence to be where we are today.

Piaggio Ape

our promise

We are not your average vending truck. We are personal, we are local, and we have passion for what we do for you.

our philosophy

From Crop to Table

fresh ingredients

Using fresh, from-the-earth ingredients and cooking methods that enhance the natural flavors and tastes of each item. 


Serving up homemade items such as cold brew coffee blends made with top-quality coffee beans, almond milk, and desserts.

premium quality

Using premium quality, local ingredients every chance we get.

book with us today

Have questions? Know exactly what you want down to the last detail? We are here to help!